Emina Jahovic

Emina Jahovic was born is Novi Pazar, Serbia. She has a total of four albums in her career, with her second studio album making her a star in 2006. In 2009 she released the album "Vila". Two of the songs have videos: "Pile moje" and "Med" - in duet with another star on the Balkans - Dino Merlin. She also won the prize for the "Best song on the Balkans from Bosnia and Hertzegovina for 2009"  with the song "Med" (in English "Honey")

Emina Jahovic is married to Mustafa Sandal - one of the most famous contemporary Turkish composers and singers. Because of her resemblance to the Spanish actress, Emina is often referred to as "the Penelope Cruz of the Balkans".

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