Marko Marinkovic-Slatkaristika was born on 15.08.1986 in Skopje. He begins with his music creations when he was 12 years old.
  At the age of 15, together with his friend Skit Skitara he formed the Hip Hop group "Edinstvena opcija" and in 2004 they released the album "Rap Tvrdina".
  Along with Puka Kozmetika, Skit, El Mariachi, Boro Lakaz, Kacar, Zele, Sigi, Ace NL, Che & Dj Dimitrij Ye Ya, in 2008 he formed the Hip Hop crew "Toksikologija".
  In May, 2009 he signed a contract with the production Jovanov Records and released his first solo album entitled-"Slatkaristika Budalo" which has achieved considerable successes with the songs "Shopping", "FM", "Da poletam", "Top"...announcing the Hip Hop revolution in Macedonia.
  He also had his own concerts in Ohrid- Antique Theater, House of Culture-Stip and Strumica, Sports Hall “Mladost”- Bitola and Metropolis Arena- Skopje.
  In May, 2010 was released DVD with his big concert at the Metropolis Arena in Skopje.
  In 2011 he published the singles "Klasika" and "Extra, Extra" and currently Slatkaristika is working on his new album that will come out in the end of the first half of 2012!