The third edition of the compilation comes with the hottest and latest hits of the Greek Heaven Music catalog - "Greek Heaven Hits, Vol. 3" (2017). The collection is released by Virginia Records in a physical format (CD) and includes 18 songs from the most popular Greek stars: Antonis Remos, Despina Vandi, Giorgos Mazonakis, Giannis Plutarhos, Nikiforos, Nikos Makropoulos, Natasha Theodoriou and others. The compilation also includes hit # 1 currently in our southern neighbor - the song Mantissa - of the young singer and composer Marina Satti.

Known as "The King of the Greek Ballad", Adonis Remos is among the most successful Balkan singers in the last two decades. The artist with a gentle and rich voice has 14 studio albums, all with platinum status. And that is why that new edition of "Greek Heaven Hits, Vol. 3" starts and ends with the last two hits of the singer - "Olos Dikos Sou" and "Spasmena Kommatia Tis Kardias". The Bulgarian audience will have the pleasure to hear these two songs live during the first concert in Bulgaria held by Adonis Remos on November 4th in the National Palace of Culture.

The most successful Greek singer and winner of Best Selling Greek Artist in the World Award at the Monaco World Music Awards - Despina Vandi - is included with her latest hit single "Afti Ine I Diafora Mas". After her successful concert in Sofia in 2016, Despina Vandi returns in Bulgaria with a new show on September 29th in the National Palace of Culture.

The collection continues with other popular names of the Greek music - Giannis Ploutarhos and the hit "Stamatisa Se Sena" and Natasha Theodoridou with the emotional ballad "An M 'Agapouses".

The young Greek singer and composer Marina Sati, made a stunning debut one year ago in her homeland with the cover version of the traditional Greek song "Koupes". Her new single "Mantissa", included in the compilation, headed Greece's official airplane ranking, has become the number one in the iTunes chart and has over 15 million views so far. The compilation also includes the hits of Nikiforos - "San Ta Matia sou", Christophe Manidiates - "Adinamia Mou", Nikos Makropoulos - "Zo Alliotika", Giorgos Giannias - "Tilefonise Mou", Melina Aslanidou - "To Lathos Ke To Pathos", Katerina Stikoudi - "Retro", Nikos Kourkoulis - "Ine Proti Fora", Dimitris Avramopoulos - "Fteo Ego", Apostolia Zoe - "Sidoma", Kostas Makedonas - "Ine Pia Arga" and Stamatis Gonidis - "Yparho Ki Ego". In "Greek Heaven Hits, Vol. 3" is the hit single of another great star on the Greek stage - Giorgos Mazonakis - and the song “De Goustaro”! The collection ends with the fascinating ballad of Atonis Remos - "Spasmena Kommatia Tis Kardias".

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1. Antonis Remos – Olos Dikos Sou

2. Despina Vandi – Afti Ine I Diafora Mas

3. Giannis Ploutarhos – Stamatisa Se Sena

4. Natasa Theodoridou – An M’ Agapouses

5. Marina Satti – Mantissa

6. Nikiforos – San Ta Matia sou

7. Christos Menidiatis – Adinamia Mou

8. Nikos Makropoulos – Zo Alliotika

9. Giorgos Giannias – Tilefonise Mou

10. Melina Aslanidou – To Lathos Ke To Pathos

11. Katerina Stikoudi – Retro

12. Nikos Kourkoulis – Ine Proti Fora

13. Dimitris Avramopoulos – Fteo Ego

14. Apostolia Zoi – Sidoma

15. Kostas Makedonas – Ine Pia Arga

16. Stamatis Gonidis – Yparho Ki Ego

17. Giorgos Mazonakis – De Goustaro

18. Antonis Remos – Spasmena Kommatia Tis Kardias