Minos 2018 - 16 Super Greek Hits

Today is the premiere of the new edition of the Greek collection with the most popular new Greek hits.
The album is with the media support of Balkanika Music Television and Veronika radio and you can order it online in here: 

Animato Music presents the new edition of the Greek collection with the most popular new Greek hits from the catalogue of Minos EMI - "Minos 2018 – 16 Super Greek Hits". The album is in CD format and includes 16 tracks performed by the most popular Greek stars – Helena Paparizou, Vasilis Karras, Gannis Ploutarhos, Pashalis Terzis, Amaryllis, Christos Cholidis, Petros Iakovidis and others. The collection Minos 2018 is available for orders online in here: 

 “Minos 2018” you can find the winner of 4 MAD TV winners - Padelis Padelidis, who is present with his penultimate single "Karavia Sto Vitho". The hit lsit continues with the songs "Na Se Prosehi", "Ti Koritsi Eho Ego", "Protimo" "Katse Kala", "Os To Terma" and "Apo Do Ke Pera" presented by talented Greek artists Amaryllis, Thanasis Vasilakos, Petros Iakovidis, Aris Petrakis, Katerina Lioliou. The compilation also includes one of the latest hits of Tamta - "Ilious Ke Thalasses".
Helena Paparizou started her  music career in Antique duet and in 2005 the singer won the Eurovision Song Contest with "My Number One" and became very popular all over the world. She has 7 albums, each with platinum status. The collection “Minos 2018” includes her beautiful ballad "Agkaliase Me", which proves that Paparizou has talent to act with her music and powerful vocals.
The list of songs continues with the new ballads of Vasiliki Ntanta, the singer with a distinctive voice Vasilis Karras, Yannis Parios, Pashalis Terzis.
Some positive vibes adds Christos Cholidis with the single "Ego Gia Sena" and the project of Kings band and Giannis Ploutarhos - "Oso Tha Lipis".
Media partners are: BALKANIKA MUSIC TELEVISION and Veronika radio.

MINIOS 2018_artwork_small_1.jpg

Track list:
1.    Padelis Padelidis - Karavia Sto Vitho
2.    Amaryllis - Na Se Prosehi
3.    Thanasis Vasilakos - Ti Koritsi Eho Ego
4.    Tamta – Protimo
5.    Petros Iakovidis - Katse Kala
6.    Aris Petrakis - Os To Terma
7.    Katerina Lioliou - Apo Do Ke Pera
8.    Helena Paparizou - Agkaliase Me
9.    Christos Cholidis - Ego Gia Sena
10.    Vasiliki Ntanta - Fota Anihta
11.    Tamta - Ilious Ke Thalasses
12.    Giorgos Liatis – Horises
13.    Vasilis Karras - Ta Kalitera Taxidia
14.    Kings & Giannis Ploutarhos - Oso Tha Lipis
15.    Pashalis Terzis – Parapona
16.    Yiannis Parios - Ela Mou Hamogela Mou