Dubioza Kolektiv with a new album

The popular Bosnian band Dubioza kolektiv is ready with a new album “Pjesmice za djecu i odrasle”. Their previous album “Apsurdistan” was published 4 years ago and it was quite popular. The new album includes 9 tracks.

Among them are “Himna generacije“ i „Treba mi zraka” which already are well-known for the audience and have many views on YouTube. The other 7 songs are new and as always Dubioza are telling interesting stories with them.

“We made this album very quickly – only for 4 days! We stole our songs from YouTube! Now we are waiting for the feedback of the audience and even more for the copyright strikes that we may get!”, declared the musicians in their typical manner.

In the new album “Pjesmice za djecu i odrasle” there are many interesting collaboration. In the song “Pionerska” takes part the Bosnian band Helem Nejse and in “Autopilot” participate Dino Saran and Deaf Band Dlan. The audience already know well the song “Treba mi zraka” – a song that Dino Dvornik started making 15 years ago and was finished now by Dubioza Kolektiv.

The illustration of the cover are made by Bob Zivkovic whose pictures of different animals become tragicomic heroes of Dubioza’s songs.

Besides the CD, the album will be available also as a comics for children and adults.

The new album will be published by Menart and also will be available for free download on